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What is Promotional Flash Memory?

Promotional Flash Memory is a USB device that is sold through advertising specialty dealers (ad specialty). These devices are sold in bulk with the custom logo of the buying company imprinted directly onto the promotional flash memory device.

These promotional flash memory devices are typically used to raise corporate brand awareness. The devices are handed out by the 1,000's at trade shows and corporate conventions. However this type of USB flash memory is so practical as a data storage device that it is now being purchased with custom logos by the military, schools, universities, & hospitals - anywhere that needs a secure portable data device. 

What is Flash Memory?

Flash memory is a form of EEPROM. Working the acronym backwards we get ROM which is Read Only Memory. The best thing about ROM is that it does not need power to hold the information in storage. So you can take the memory with you from your computer at work to your computer at home. It will hold data for at least 10 years. The "P" in the acronym means that the ROM is Programmable. promotional flash memory styles The two "E's" mean that it is Electrically Erasable. In short we end up with an Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory. 

As the name entails Read Only Memory typically cannot be rewritten. Picture EEPROM as a large grid with rows and columns intersecting each other. Diodes are placed at the rows and columns that allow the data to be sent to different blocks of the chip when an electrical charge is applied. Since the diodes are all over the circuit of columns and rows different information can be stored in individual blocks of the chip 

One of the major problems that had to be overcome with EEPROM is that it can only erase one byte at a time. A special Flash version of EEPROM that has in-circuit wiring had to be developed to erase entire blocks of memory. So if you need 512 bytes erased at one time it isn't an issue any longer. Once erased the block or the entire chip can be rewritten.

All of the flash memory sold here at JDPDigital is very simple to use. Don't worry about the grids, columns and diodes. You will just be dragging and dropping your information onto the memory chip. Even better today's USB Flash Memory is auto detected when plugged into the computer - no software to install!

To see the many different samples of our promotional flash memory click here.

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