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Artwork Requirements

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Today's printing equipment requires that the artwork provided must be photo ready. That requirement ensures that your project will come from the factory with a crisp, clear logo regardless of the size of the image.

The file format most often required is Encapsulated PostScript or "EPS" for short. PostScript means that your image arrives to the printer with the fonts and the image embedded as a geometrical object. 

This geometrical object is very scalable because the entire image is outlined. We call this "vector graphics." 

What makes this confusing to the general public is - how do you know if your .eps image is a scalable vectored graphic (good for the printing process) or a bit-mapped graphic (bad for the printing process)?

Look at the two images below. Both are .eps files. 

 Vectored Image Not Vectored (Bit-Mapped)
Vectored Image Not a Vectored Image
Even though both images above were saved as an .eps (Encapsulated PostScript) only the image on the left can be used in the printing process. The image on the right cannot be used because there is no way to scale the image to fit onto the object being printed

Look at the examples below. These images were just expanded slightly. The one on the right looks very fuzzy and is not a crisp finish especially compared to the image on the left.

Vectored Image Resized Not Vectored Resized
resized vectored image resized non-vectored image recommends two websites that can change your image from a bit-mapped image to a vectored image. They are:

We have used both services. is a little harder to use because you have to open an account and you communicate through email, but you will get literally 1,000s of quotes if you want them.

If you use an outside service you will end up paying around $50 to have your logo converted from a bit-mapped image to a vectored image. charges $75 to have the logo converted if it is not photo ready.



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